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Edible Organic Seaweeds are becoming increasingly popular amongst a large section of food lovers across the nation. The many health benefits that seaweeds possess have helped win over more and more people towards seaweed products.

For starters, edible seaweeds contain Iodine and Tyrosine, which help with Thyroid function. They are also a good source of Vitamins, Minerals and Fibre and assist in reducing weight, improving heart health, reducing diabetes and improving blood sugar levels.

Meridian Sea is proud to be the UK distributor for the Bord a Bord brand of high quality edible seaweeds. The fully certified, Organic, fresh edible seaweed gets harvested in the English Channel (albeit on the French side). We can supply an extensive range of fresh, dried and ambient seaweeds in various pack sizes to suit.

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What We Offer

Choose from Dulse, Nori, Sea Lettuce, Sea Spaghetti, Royal Kombu, Wakame or Ocean Sea Blades. We also supply a range of specialist edible seaweed products including Agar Agar (natural gelatine), as well as value added products such as sea salts with seaweeds, marinated seaweeds, organic seaweed tartare and Dijon mustard with fresh seaweeds, all of which come available for retail, food service and food manufacture.

Meridian Sea was one of the first suppliers in the UK to distribute edible seaweed, well before it became such a massive hit amongst food and health enthusiasts.

We not only sell Organic Seaweed in the standard chilled or dried form, we are one of the few edible seaweed suppliers in the UK who also have an entire range of products which are produced using the seaweeds. These include the award-winning seaweed tartar, which are already extremely popular across restaurants and delicatessens nationwide.

Organic seaweeds and tartars are a great ingredient in sausages, artisan bread, potato crisps or even herbal teas, chopped up in a sauce for added flavour, used in a stuffing mixture, in a terrine or just in a salad alongside some beautiful fresh scallops.

Try a little seaweed in a luxury chocolate truffle for a real taste infusion. Seaweed is a versatile and largely underrated product which is tremendously healthy.  

Vegans are catered for with most of the range especially the award winning vegan mayonnaise with fresh seaweed, and the new seaweed mustard with Turmeric will enhance many of your dishes and make a great sandwich!

Meridian Sea through long-standing and fruitful partnerships with the leading suppliers provide edible seaweed which is always of premium quality, and has one of the most extensive varieties of certified organic edible seaweeds available in the UK to date.

We have a range of delivery options both small and large this combined with sales support and literature will assist you in providing information whilst gaining new customers and growing your overall sales. Please contact us and we will be happy discuss.


Whether you are a retailer, restaurant, caterer or food manufacturer our sample packs provide you with the opportunity to try, taste and see for yourself the quality, flavours and versatility that these products provide.

Available in a range of sizes from small retail units to 500g and 1 Kg tubs for catering and food manufacturer, the sample pack gives you a cost effective way to tipple your taste buds and test what’s on offer.


1 x 140g Seaweed Mustard (1 of 2 varieties available)

1 x 165g Vegan Seaweed Mayonnaise

1 x 125g Sea Salt with Sea Spices

3 x Seaweed Tartares


All for just £21.95

This charge is FULLY REFUNDABLE on any first order you may place.

Our Seaweed Products

Seaweed Tartares, Mustards & Vegan Mayonaise

Seaweed Tartares Classic
Seaweed Tartares with grilled pepper
Seaweed Tartares Nori
Seaweed Tartares with candied lemon
Seaweed Tartares Forte
seaweed sauce

Fresh Organic Seaweeds

Sea Lettuce
Organic Seaweed Nori
Organic Seaweed Zee Spaghetti
Sea Spaghetti
Organic Seaweed Wakame
Organic Seaweed Kombu Royal
Royal Kombu

Dried Organic Seaweeds

Dried Seaweed 1
Dried Seaweed 2
Dried Seaweed 3
Dried Seaweed 4
Dried Seaweed 5

Seaweed Salt & Condiments

seaweed salt mix 3 flavors
seaweed court-bouillon

Fresh Seaweed Confit & Chutney

Seaweed Tsukudani
Seaweed Confit
Seaweed Chutney

Seaweed Pasta

Seaweed Pasta 1
Seaweed Pasta 2

Seaweed Crackers

Wafers with Seaweed & Roscoff Onions
Wafers with seaweed, buckwheat & Nepalese Timut Pepper

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